Hi Guys! It is great to finally be back on the blogging scene! I’ve taken a bit of a break because, well, life has been crazy. Have you been there? However, I am back with the first blog of the Summer! That’s right, with Memorial Day behind us Summer 2017 is officially here! Woo hoo! Wasn’t just Christmas like last week? 2017 is flying by, don’t you agree?



As I was reflecting on the start of Summer I started thinking about the energy of summer! Everyone is gearing up for vacations, a bit of a slower pace of life for a few months, school is out (all the students said AMEN), and so many activities are taking place. Not to mention the great cookouts and pool days! In addition, I thought about the power of summer. Summer is a great time to reflect, grow, change, and really have time to THINK about our lives. I know, time to think! Imagine having a moment to BREATH and THINK without racing everywhere! What a treat!



While I believe Summer is the perfect time to relax and slow down, I also believe it is the most perfect time to plan, grow, and advance your life. Take a few moments to imagine what it would look like if you got to the end of this Summer and you had accomplished a goal you had always wanted to. Imagine how it would feel if you created a plan for your side business, lost the weight, trained for the 5K or marathon you’ve been wanting to run, built stronger relationships in your life, developed a plan to make your year easier, read a book you’ve been wanting to read, or simply cleaned a certain room in your house you’ve been putting off for months!



My point is what would happen if at the end of this summer your life was better in some way, shape, or form? I believe that you can make this the summer that changes your life. I say your whole life because I believe that if we grow or improve in any area of our life it creates a cycle of progress in all areas.



Okay, so this all sounds great, but how can you use this summer to change your life?



I’m here to help! Below are 3 practical ways to transform your life this summer that won’t break the bank OR take too much time! I know you moms out there who have your kids this summer need something that fits into your schedule this summer!



So here you have it, the 3 ways to transform your life this summer!


1. Pick one goal that you could reasonably accomplish this summer.


I’m fully convinced that we often fail because we give ourselves too much to focus on! I certainly am guilty of that one! I’ve already had to redo my goals at least twice this year, because I give myself too many options!



There is power in FOCUS and by setting ONE goal we are able to concentrate better to see results. After all, one goal accomplished is better than ten goals written. Additionally, the momentum gained from accomplishing one goal will inevitably lead to the accomplishment of more.



What one goal are you going to set this summer? Will you read a book? Will you start on a healthy eating plan? Will you clean that room you’ve been putting off organizing? Will you take time to invest in a relationship you’ve been neglecting? Will you outline your plan to accomplish your dream? What will it be?



Set one goal! No more! No less! One goal to accomplish by Labor Day!


2. Create a daily plan to accomplish it.


As my mentor John Maxwell states: “Success doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily.” If we want to accomplish a goal we have to do something about it daily or at least 80% of the time. 80% of the time translates to 5 out of the 7 days of the week. So what daily plan would help you accomplish your goal?



For example, if you want to finish reading a book or books this summer write down what book(s) you want read. Once it is written write down determine when and how long you will read. Is it reading 20 pages first thing in the morning Monday-Friday? Will cutting off the TV 30 minutes early Monday-Friday nights and reading the book you want to finish? Can you take your lunch break and use the lunch break to read for 20 minutes instead of being glued to your phone checking Social Media?



If your goal is to lose weight this summer how will you do that? Will you cut 150 calories from you daily calorie intake 6 days a week? Will you join a gym and work out 30 minutes 5 days a week? Will you hire a nutritionist? How will this goal happen and be worked towards daily?



Whatever goal you set and whichever plan you implement, remember that a simple plan is the best plan! Create a plan that seems very doable to you and your summer schedule. Start gradually and overtime you will see this daily routine become a habit in your life. Hey, even if your goal is to organize a room in your house you’ve been wanting to, if you organize a small part a few days a week you will be amazed at the progress.



Goals are accomplished one small step at a time. Write a simple plan and follow it!


3. Write a deadline you will accomplish it by.


Once you determined your one goal and set a weekly plan on how you are going to accomplish it, it’s time to set a date! As one of my mentors used to say: “Deadlines are lifelines!” You’ve got to write down a definite date you want to accomplish the goal by! The moment we know there is a certain date that something has to be accomplished by we are mentally able to focus on it even more. It also gives us a definite time to aim for it.



Once you determine the date you’re going to lose the weight by, read the book by, have the room organized, write the business plan, or whatever your goal is, write it down. I would suggest grabbing an index carding and writing the following sentence down.



I _________(insert name)_____________________, will accomplish ______(insert goal)_______________________, by ______(insert date)_________________.



After you write it down on the index card put it somewhere that you will see it every day and read it aloud a few times a day. You may want to write it down on several index cards to put in different places that you will see and declare it daily. The moment our mind gets this definite date it will release the resources and willpower for us to accomplish this goal!




So let’s summarize!


The 3 Ways to Transform Your Life This Summer:


  • Pick one goal you could reasonably accomplish this summer.
  • Create a daily plan to accomplish it.
  • Write a deadline you will accomplish it by.




I am fully convinced that by following these three steps and IMPLEMENTING them, you will be able to transform your life this summer. Once you accomplish this one goal this summer, you will be able to use the formula to accomplish many more goals throughout the rest of the year!



I hope you have found this blog helpful! I would love to hear from you and would ask that you SHARE this blog through Social Media and Email so that others to gain these practical steps to transforming their lives this summer too!



Thanks so much! May this be the most transformational summer you’ve ever had!