September 2017 Blog

Wow, can you believe we are in the last quarter of 2017? Is it me or has this year FLOWN by?

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and looking forward to Spring and Summer! 2017 has truly seemed to move forward at a remarkably rapid rate. However, I want to insure you IT IS NOT OVER YET! 2017 can still be YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Let me tell you a story……

I travel frequently for speaking so I constantly find myself in airports, rental cars, and hotels. I love it! Recently, I was staying at a hotel in a new city that I hadn’t spoken in before. I was looking forward to sharing with an amazing group of women and was anxious to get my hotel room to refresh and prepare for that evening’s talk. Once I arrived at the hotel I quickly got onto the elevator and headed up to my room. I had my key in hand and room number memorized as I exited the elevator.

Then I began to walk…

It felt like FOREVER that I was walking the hallways following signs to my room number, walking in the heels I should not have worn to the airport, and dragging my (what felt like 200 pounds) bag at the time. I finally got to what I thought was the end of the hallway and I still hadn’t found my room number. As you can imagine my stress level began to rise up quite rapidly and I was looking frantically for anyone who could offer me guidance.

Being a true Millennial I quickly grabbed my phone and Googled the hotel’s number so I could call and ask them where my room was, but just as I was getting ready to hit call I saw someone come around a corner. I might have screamed slightly because I was startled by their presence. However, I realized in that moment that the hallway WAS NOT OVER! Here I was trying to dial the front office and complain about my room, but I wasn’t at the end of the hallway yet!

Quickly, I turned the corner and within a minute found my room, walked in, and began to prepare for the evening! I missed a solid 10 minutes of preparation time and added unnecessary stress to my life all because I thought the hallway had ended and my room was not available.

What is the point of sharing this story with you? It’s simple. Many of us feel the same way I did about 2017 as I did about my hotel room. We were excited to reach a destination in 2017 and really get on top of things this year. Unfortunately, it has seemed like the hallway has been much longer than expected. Perhaps you think that the hallway of 2017 has ended, but can I encourage you with some great news? THE HALLWAY OF 2017 IS NOT OVER! There is another corner to turn that can get you to your destination! That can get US to our desired destination!

2017 can still be the BEST YEAR YET if we will turn the corner and walk to our desired destination. I don’t know about you, but that excites me!


So how can we make it the best year yet? How can we turn the corner?

I’ll show you!

I love this quote from one of my favorite books.

“No matter what you may believe, you have the ability to change the circumstances of your life. You can go from average to success, mediocrity to wealth.” (Change Your Habits, Change Your Life by Tom Corley)

We have the ability to change our lives and circumstances by the end of the year if we CHOOSE to!

Let’s do it!

You guys know I love simplicity so I want to share with you all 3 Ways to Still Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

1) Choose 3 Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” -Tony Robbins

Let’s face it! Realistically we aren’t going to be able to achieve more than 3 truly remarkable goals by the end of 2017. I mean we can dream about setting more, but actual achievement of more than 3 goals is not likely. Trust me! Take it from the girl who WAY OVER ESTIMATES what she can get done by the end of the year. I like to call myself an optimist by setting 20 goals, but really it’s just being non-realistic.

I’ve learned, through much error and trial, that it is better to set a few small goals and achieve them than set 20 that you’ll never touch. You feel bad about not achieving them, overwhelmed by how many there are, and ultimately you give up. Trust me! I’ve been there!

It is way better to set 3 smaller goals and achieve them because it creates momentum in our lives. Have you ever experienced what it feels like to truly accomplish a goal big or small? If you have you know that no matter the size of the goal the feeling of accomplishment is outstanding! To know you have set out to achieve something and have is an unforgettable feeling! Therefore, it is advantageous to set goals that we are more likely to achieve. In addition, we confirm in our minds that we are able to accomplish the goals we set before us and this encourages us to achieve even more goals!

3 goals, that’s it!

2) Set A Daily Plan

“I’ll win because of positive habits I’ve developed, and because of the consistency I use in applying those habits. I’m the world’s biggest believer in consistency.”(The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy)


If you have ever been around me, or we meet in the future, one thing you will hear over and over from me is the power of a DAILY PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN. I’m obsessed with it! Why? Because I know it works! As my mentor John Maxwell states: “Success doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily!” Champions, I am telling you this from experience, no truer words have ever been spoken. A daily plan will make or break you.

The moment I got my daily plan aligned with my goals is the moment my life changed FOREVER and I have never been the same! My daily plan, implemented consistently, has enabled me to go farther faster and see numerous dreams/goals come to pass. How many of you would like to go farther faster? How many of you would like to achieve your goals and dreams more rapidly? CHANGE YOUR DAILY PLAN.

It is all in the daily plan. I help clients, or as I like to call them, friends, come up with a daily plan that aligns with their goals and keep them accountable weekly so they experience maximum results. I would love to help you come up with yours! Email, or text “Daily Plan” to (770)9007260. Here are some simple truths that will help you create your daily plan to reach your goals.

-What is your goal?
-What can you put into your agenda daily that will take you toward that goal?
-When will you schedule to do that daily?

By answering these simple questions you are able to form a daily plan that aligns with your goals. I promise if it is important you will MAKE TIME for it! No excuses! We have THREE MONTHS to get it done!

3) Track Your Progress

“Tracking is a simple exercise. It works because it brings moment-to-moment awareness to the actions you take in the area of your life you want to improve. You cannot manage or improve something until you measure it.” (The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy)

In our FitBit and MyFitnessPal generation, we understand that we are only making true progress if we are tracking our movement and actions. The majority of our society tracks their eating and workouts, but why not track our goals and daily habits? If we truly want to know we are getting closer to achieving our goals don’t we have to see where we are headed and if we are making progress?

This is why tracking our goals is so important. You can track them in a way that is convenient for you, but you MUST TRACK THEM! If you do not track your daily progress you will never know if you are moving closer and also won’t continue to be accountable to the 3 goals you’ve set out to achieve by the end of 2017!

So how do you track yourself daily?

You can simply keep a journal manually or electronically with your 3 goals listed at the top and keep record each day of what you did to reach at that goal. Also, the majority of the time with my clients I suggest that they track 5 days a week, everyone needs a couple of days of rest from work a week, right? You can track this way if you would like.

In addition, you can have an electronic formal habit tracker created in excel or downloaded from the internet where you keep up with your goals daily to give yourself check marks by your daily plan.

There are multiple ways to track your progress, but the most important thing is that you do! For me, tracking my steps has been the encouragement I needed on bad days and the kick in the butt I needed on lazy days! Tracking is the greatest tool we can learn to do if we truly want to continually progress, move, and improve in our lives.

Again, if I can help you in anyway to create a tracking process email! This is what I am here for!

In conclusion:



Here are 3 ways you can make the rest of your year the best of your year!

1) Choose 3 Goals
2) Set A Daily Plan
3) Track Your Progress

I believe in you guys and know that if you set your mind to it your can achieve it! At the end of the day we find our fulfillment by living a life in alignment with our true inner selves. Choose to listen to the voice inside of you pushing you to hope, dream, and achieve more. You can! You will! You must!

Don’t give up on 2017 yet! It’s not over! Turn the corner and end out this year STRONG!

If I can help you in anyway further please contact me or visit!

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