Wow, so you are probably thinking how mean can I be? How can I possibly think that a public confession to the world that my parents ruined me is a great idea? However, it’s not what you think!

Ruined is a strong term. According to it can be defined using some of the following words: “destroyed, something that causes downfall or destruction.” Basically, to say something is ‘ruined’ is to say it is destroyed.

So you may really be asking now, why would she confess how her parents ‘ruined’ her?

I promise you I mean it in the best way! So here it goes.

The 5 Ways My Parents Ruined Me:

1. They ruined the belief in me that I deserved everything!

Early on in my life I vividly remember my parents being very intentional to remind me that my talents, my gifts, my opportunities, and my life were a gift. Unlike many of my peers they informed me that I didn’t earn what I had been given and I hadn’t been given it because I deserved it.

By ruining the belief early on that I didn’t deserve everything I was given, I quickly developed an attitude of gratitude. This attitude of gratitude has enabled me to remain grateful for everything I am given and for the people around me. It has also helped me to avoid an entitled mindset that is something I see infecting my peers in this Millennial culture.

2. They ruined the belief that I needed to fit in!

My parents taught me that I didn’t need to simply go along with the crowd, but strive to be a leader to my peers. Often times I remember my parents discussing stories with me of great history makers who did not ‘fit in’ and that they went on to achieve great things. This greatly inspired me and gave me a vision for a bright future.

By ruining the belief that I needed to ‘fit in’ early in my life, I never had the desire to go with the crowd. Through my parents intentionality to instill purpose in my life to be a leader and stand out I never felt the need to go along with the crowd. This kept me out of a lot of trouble in my adolescence and even does now.

3. They ruined the belief that my life was about me!

From a young age I recall my parents teaching me that life isn’t all about me. They always were very purposeful in explaining the best life lived is one that is lived serving others. Early on I remember them teaching me that my gifts, talents, blessings, and future goals were to be used to helps others in some way.

By ruining the belief that my life wasn’t about me, I quickly developed a sense of purpose to pour into the lives of others around me. Furthermore, I learned how to design my future goals, plans, and ambitions around the belief that my career would benefit others. This perspective also has continued to give me a sense of urgency to give back to my community, world, and to make the lives of others better.

4. They ruined the belief that everything in life should come easy!

I was taught very quickly that everything in life doesn’t come easy and that if I wanted something I needed to work for it. In the early years of my life my parents instilled in me the value of setting goals and putting in hard work to achieve them. Through every activity I was involved in and goal I set they wouldn’t allow me to complain about having to ‘work to hard’ for something, but would instill in me that a goal worth setting will require work!

By ruining the belief that everything in life should come easy, I learned the value of hard work from a young age and never quit working toward my goals just because things got tough. Furthermore, through this valuable life lesson I have actually learned to appreciate hard work and know it is simply part of the process of life. In addition, it has given me a ‘don’t quit’ attitude that has gotten me to where I am today.

5. They ruined the belief that I can be a self-made success!

Finally, my parents ruined the belief in me that I could be a ‘self-made’ success. My mom and dad instilled in me the value of having worthwhile people around me to reach my potential. They taught me the necessity of having the right friends, mentors, and family members around me to become my very best. Additionally, they instilled in me the value of faith in God. I distinctly remember them teaching me how important the right people were on the journey toward achieving my goals and dreams.

By ruining the belief that I can be a self-made success, I learned very quickly the value of mentors and partners on my dream journey. Additionally, this truth gave me the determination to find the right friends for my life and avoid the wrong ones. It gave me a deep desire to evaluate each relationship I had to discover if the purpose of the relationship would be beneficial or not. As you can imagine I avoided a lot of relational hurts because of this truth. Furthermore, this truth has continually allowed me to keep a teachable spirit and constantly seek out valuable mentors.

So there it is, the 5 ways my parents ruined me!

To the Millennial reading this:

Perhaps you never had a parent to ‘ruin’ you in the ways I did. That’s okay! Take these 5 truths and run with them on your own! Ruin yourself.

To the Parent of a Millennial reading this:

May you borrow these truths, if you don’t already teach them, and my hope is that you ruin your kids too!

I hope these 5 simple truths about how my parents ruined me and made me an unusual Millennial will empower, encourage, and equip you to be your very best! After all, that’s why I do what I do!

Have an awesome day! Please share with anyone you know who may need to read this!

Thank you for taking time to read this!