Welcome to 2018 friends! I can’t believe we have officially made it to a NEW YEAR! With each New Year the excitement, anticipation, and focus for what is to change and to come builds! All of us, no matter how great or horrible the previous year was, enter in to a new year with hopes and expectations of a better life. We want to see change.


I work with clients and speak to audiences all the time that have the great anticipation of change all throughout the year. However, there is something so genuinely thrilling about the brand new start of a new 365-day journey! It’s in the BEGINNING that we start WINNING!


As I was reflecting on what I felt in my heart to share with you on this first blog of 2018 I kept hearing this phrase for YOU:








I believe this year it is your turn to live the life you want, achieve the goals you want to achieve, and finally live out YOUR PURPOSE.


Have you ever been waiting in line for so long and then it was finally YOUR TURN? I remember when I turned 16 Years Old and it was time to take my Driver’s License Test. It seemed like I had been waiting DECADES to come to this moment. Do you remember what it was like turning 16? The anticipation was so real and the wait felt like eternity did it not? Therefore, I was stoked when the day after I turned 16 my mom took me to the DMV to take my driving test.


Much to my dismay, however, when we arrived at the DMV I was told the wait would be well over an hour as numerous individuals were in line and had to be seen before me. Now, on top of waiting for years to take this test, I had to wait for this LONG LINE of individuals to be helped before me. Thankfully my mom is super patient and calmed me while we waited. It felt like I waited a month while I watched everyone else have his or her turn. Soon, though, my moment came.


The lady behind the DMV counter shouted: “IT’S YOUR TURN!”


I was so excited and relieved I jumped up, gave her the information, and was soon on my way taking my Driver’s Test. Thankfully I passed, minus the cones I hit on the whole Parallel Parking situation, and the long wait in the DMV earlier was a distant thought.


It was at last my turn and I got what I had been waiting for, working for, and hoping for all these years. I received what I had seen others before me get time and time again as they took their turn before me. The dreaded wait was over!




Why do I tell you this story? To share with you this simple truth about 2018: IT’S YOUR TURN! I believe deep down in my soul that 2018 is the year that the things you’ve been waiting for, working for, hoping for, and figuratively waiting in line to receive, are going to come to pass. It is your turn and it is time that you begin to expect it!


Quit waiting and making excuses on why you can’t or you won’t!


Quit hoping that someone is going to give you your dream and desires!


Quit pouting about why everyone else is getting what you want and desire!




Get out of bed and discipline yourself daily to GET IN LINE for your dreams and purpose! Consistently show up, like I did at the DMV, wait in line, and I promise that soon enough it will be YOUR TURN!


Tony Robins states: “In life you live with one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”


Choose to live a life of discipline and I promise you won’t regret it because eventually it will be YOUR TURN!


If I had not had the discipline to go to the DMV and wait in line, I would have missed my turn. Life is the same way! We will never achieve our desired results if we don’t get in line and wait/work for our turn!


In 2018 I am getting in line and I implore of you to get in yours. Whatever goal it is and whatever dream it may be, GET IN LINE because IT’S YOUR TURN!


Koach Tip: Create a Vision Board for 2018 so that you know what you are waiting and working for. I did that at the DMV with the picture of my car and it helped me to wait patiently to get what I wanted.


FREE Koach Resource: Download my Vision Board Checklist at this link:



I assure you, I feel deep in my soul, that in 2018 your time will come and you will hear the words:




Happy New Year you guys! If I can help in anyway check out my coaching, speaking, and resources! I believe in you!


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Your Partner to Success,

Koach Katlyn

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