2-Class Combo: Work Your Week & Shield Sisters [Online Course]


Work Your Week and Shield Sisters online courses combined into one combo package. Purchase both now for only $75 or pay $39 to upgrade later.


Work Your Week

Do you find yourself frustrated with your schedule? Do you have trouble finding time to do the things you really want to do because you can’t find room in your schedule? Have you ever found yourself asking for more that 24 hours in a day? What if you could add time to your day? How would it feel to love your schedule and have plenty of time?

During this 4-Week Course Koach Katlyn will walk you through a step-by-step process on how you can rearrange your schedule and maximize your time. These practical tools of scheduling your time will enable you to reach your potential and make time for things you enjoy! Throughout the course Koach Katlyn will be encouraging, supportive, and be a coach who helps you make the most of your playing time here on earth!

If you are ready to take back your time and live life to your fullest potential then this course is for you! Join the journey and community today.

Cost: $39
Length of Time: 4-Weeks
Group: Private Facebook Group for constant community.
Participant’s Guide Included to Download

Shield Sisters

Are you looking to grow in your faith and build a community of like-minded sisters in Christ? Do you want to grow in your faith and boldness as a daughter of God? How would you like to do this from the comfort of your own home in your PJs? If you answered yes to any of these then the Shield Sisters 4-Week Bible Study is for you!

Koach Katlyn has taken her wildly popular Shield Sisters conference message and turned it into a 4-Week virtual Bible Study. During this 4-Week study we will build community together, grow in our faith, and learned the power of being SHIELD SISTERS! God wants us to join together to build each other UP and stand strong against the forces of darkness in this life.

If you are ready for the following:

To live BOLDLY.

To live in COMMUNITY.






If you are ready then it is time for you to JOIN the SHIELD SISTERHOOD!

Sign up today!
Cost: $39
Length of Time: 4-Weeks
Group: Private Facebook Group for constant community.


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