Koach Katlyn’s Top 20 Books Everyone Should Read List!




Over 83% of millionaires attribute their success to the daily habit of reading. Just ask Elon Musk and Oprah! Do you know what the habit is?


After I heard about this habit I thought I would give it try and it CHANGED MY LIFE! In 2015 I implemented this habit and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve read over 45 books and studying 10,000+ hours of what it takes to be a success. This simple habits has enabled me to start a company, grow as a speaker, coach, and author, plus so much more!

I’ve studied the best and read the most life transforming books! These books have set me up for success.

Now I am sharing my Top 20 List with you. I know that if you implement the daily habit of ready and read some (or all) of these books your life will never be the same!

That is why I am share the list for FREE! You can download it right here! Please share on Social Media how this list has transformed your life or email koach@koachkatlyn.com! I can’t wait to see your life transform through this powerful habit of READING!!


Let’s GROW!!!


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