Wow, as I sit here sipping a Coconut Milk Mocha Latte, listening to Christmas music, and observing the quick hustle and bustle of everyone in the coffee shop I am blown away by the fact that 2017 will end in just a few days. Am I the only one who thinks this year has FLOWN by? It’s unbelievable.


As I reflect on what I have learned this year that would be valuable to share my mind reflects on so many things, but there is one phrase that I believe is a deep part of my overall lesson this year.


You’re doing too much, but you aren’t doing enough!


Initially this may seem like a contradictory statement, but in all actuality it is a deep, accurate statement that explains the majority of our lives. You see, I found myself this year realizing I was doing TOO MUCH, but not ENOUGH! What does this mean?


I was doing TOO MUCH:

  • Too much comparing of myself to others
  • Too much of listening to the invalid opinions of those who are not investors in my life
  • Too much of working hard, but not smart
  • Too much time spent in anxiety, fear, worry, and stress
  • Too much time spent chasing a dream and not enough time living in the moment
  • Too much time on NON-PRIORITIES and too much time on just my priorities


I discovered that I was not DOING ENOUGH:

  • I wasn’t doing enough enjoying of my life
  • I wasn’t doing enough time with my husband
  • I wasn’t doing enough time with my family
  • I wasn’t doing enough of the stuff I enjoyed
  • I wasn’t doing enough of working smart and not hard
  • I wasn’t doing enough trusting of timing and process
  • I wasn’t doing enough truly evaluating what worked, what didn’t, and where my voice was most heard
  • I wasn’t doing enough to realize that life is about the journey and not the destination
  • I wasn’t doing enough of what I told my clients to do, enjoy the process and trust God


I was doing TOO MUCH, but I wasn’t DOING ENOUGH! In 2018 I resolve to live differently and with more freedom. I choose to have more freedom to DO ENOUGH, but NOT TOO MUCH! I choose to value and enjoy the journey and not stress about the destination. It is my hope that I truly take this year to embrace those around me and God’s timing.


Will I still set goals? You bet I will!


Will I still stay consistent in my daily habits? Of course!


Will I still pursue my goal of seeing individuals reach their

potential and fulfill their dreams and purpose? Absolutely!


Will I wake up early, work hard, and be committed to the grind? Yes, yes, yes!


What I will not do is live in anxiety, fear, and not enjoy the journey with those on the journey with me!


Perhaps my story spoke to you. I hope it did! May we all resolve in 2018 to NOT DO TOO MUCH, BUT DO ENOUGH!


My deepest hope is that 2018 is the year you live in true FREEDOM as you embrace your purpose and your dreams!


If I can help in anyway please visit!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Your Partner to Success,

Koach Katlyn