Alright, today’s blog is going to be STRAIGHT TALK! No sugar coating. This has been on my heart and I can’t resist sharing this!

Listen, I want to be honest with you! First and foremost, I have an obsession with your possession of your destiny! Therefore, before I go any further you must understand that everything I say to you is out of true sincere passion to see you fulfill your dream.

However, I must be fully honest with you!

If you aren’t going after the dream in your heart on a DAILY BASIS you don’t really want it! I mean, you probably wish for it, think about it, and even mentally have plans for it, but if that dream doesn’t get your butt out of bed in the morning and keep you up late at night YOU DON’T WANT IT! 

I remember when this truth hit me so very hard three years ago. You see for years I had known being a speaker, author, and coach was all something I wanted to do. I had all these daydreams, wishes, and ideas of what it would be like and what I would do. To be honest, I also sought opportunities to speak, write, and coach. Every door that opened I went after. I thought, wow, I really want my dream.

As a true early twenties student, I thought I was doing my very best. That was until I read this statement from my mentor John Maxwell: “I can tell the direction your life is going and if you will achieve your dreams by your daily agenda.” 

The moment I read that quote it was like I got punched in the stomach. Have you ever had one of those moments? I took a real long, tough look at my daily agenda and realized it had no reflection of my dream. After all, three hours of TV a day, the occasional book, and seeking the rare opportunities that would come up for me to speak, was hardly an agenda that reflected a future I wanted.

At first I felt ashamed, but then I got to work. I was determined from that moment forward that I would create a daily agenda that would reflect my dream.

Guess what, it was UNCOMFORTABLE at first!

Well, to be honest, it still is!

Waking up early, going to bed late, using every day to move toward my purpose, pushing past struggles, overcoming obstacles, etc., is difficult, BUT it is worth it!

I have created a daily agenda that shows I want my dream! Will you  do the same?

My #KoachTip for you today is simply this, if you want your dream, get your butt to work, quit making excuses, and get after it daily!

If you’re not willing to do that then YOU DON’T WANT YOUR DREAM.

However, I think you do! Choose THIS DAY to ditch your excuses and create a Daily Agenda that reflects your dream! The world is waiting on you to fulfill your dream.

If I can help in anyway let me know!

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Have a great day today!

Your Partner to Success,

Koach Katlyn